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In 2012, a charitable organisation called Golfing4Life was set up to nurture the talent of young golfers.

It was aimed at those whose personal circumstances, usually financial, made it more difficult for them to progress.

Founded by Jimmy Byers, Golfing4Life has since had many notable successes with Conor Gough, Tom Plumb, Tom Sloman, and most recently Matty Lamb, all graduating to represent GB&I in the Walker Cup.

Joining him in that venture was Bill Curbishley, manager of The Who and many other music greats.

Bill was also instrumental in the foundation of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The two have very recently paired up again to take the concept to the next logical stage.

They are now working with young professionals in order to develop their potential to the full.

With Bill as Chair and Jimmy as CEO, Trinifold Sports Management has a dozen young golfers already in its stable.

They work extremely closely with them to develop every aspect of their career, both on and off the course.

According to Bill, “It’s an absolute privilege to be working with these talented youngsters and to hopefully help them realise their dreams. With dedication, and an amount of good luck, any one of them can reach the pinnacle of golf.”

Complete Management & Support

From coaching in every aspect of the game to all of the psychology, lifestyle, dietary and mental preparation that is needed, Trinifold Sports is committed to helping their golfers in every way.

For example, they have engaged UK Sport’s Elite Coach, Harvey Hillary, to advise on delivering optimal performance and maximising competitive advantage.

In addition, they are there to create opportunities for their protegees, and the third week in May saw the inaugural Cubefunder Shootout staged over the beautiful Downs Course at Goodwood, a Golf Monthly Next 100 favourite.

The unseasonable Spring weather was not on the side of the golfers with winds gusting at 50mph and torrential showers.

Despite this, Callum Farr put on an outstanding performance with an opening round of 70.

Better still, he followed up with a hugely impressive 69 during the worst of the weather.

With this, the 22-year-old from Northamptonshire secured a commanding 7-shot victory.

Runner-up was fellow Trinifold Sports Management professional, Calum Fyfe.

According to Farr, “The support from Trinifold, the opportunities and funding I receive is a massive weight off my shoulders and enables me to perform to the best of my ability. Being surrounded by your friends, and the family environment, makes for a great team at Trinifold.”

Trinifold Sports Management

His reward was a start on the Challenge Tour the following week at Portmarnock competing in the Irish Challenge.

This was to give him further invaluable experience in his career progression.

Also in the field at Goodwood was Matty Lamb who scored 3 points out of 4 for GB&I in the Walker Cup at Seminole earlier this May.

Lamb has since turned professional and joined the team at Trinifold Sports.

This new venture has gone from 0 to 60 in virtually no time and looks set for great success with its growing stable of burgeoning talent.

Let’s leave the final word with Bill Curbishley.

“It’s vitally important to give talented youngsters a clear road to achieve their potential. If after 100% effort they succeed, it’s wonderful. Should they fall short they can still walk with their heads held high knowing they had the opportunity to give their all.”

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