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Matty Lamb

Clutch Pro Tour 2023

An outstanding talent and an outstanding young man.

Matty Lamb has consistently outperformed his peers at the highest level of elite amateur golf since his breakthrough in 2012. 

One of the finest potentials in Europe, Lamb has an ability to maintain incredible consistency alongside a unique low-scoring prowess, features evidenced by a distinguished amateur resumé that included over 50 appearances for his country and course record feats at both St Andrews and North Hants Golf Club.

An England captain with a complete respect for everyone and everything around him, Matty reached the pinnacle of the amateuer game, representing GB&I at the 2021 Walker Cup from Seminole Golf Club in the USA.

Thriving in the competitive environment, Matty shone on route to being the GB&I top points scorer.

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13st 3lbs


24 years old

Birth Place

Hexham, England

Turned Pro



As well as being a very talented golfer, Matty is also an accomplished guitarist and songwriter. He enjoys going out with his friends and supporting his football team, Manchester United. Matty’s favourite movie is Anchorman and his favourite place he has visited is Melbourne. Matty also loves to travel and the most enjoyable golf course he has ever played is TPC Sawgrass.

  • athletes trophy

    Walker Cup 2021
    Seminole, Florida

  • athletes trophy

    Team GB&I
    Joint Top Points Scorer

  • athletes trophy

    England Elite Squad
    Captain & Over 50 caps

  • athletes trophy

    Tillman Trophy
    Champion 2020

  • athletes trophy

    North of England
    Champion 2020

  • athletes trophy

    Hampshire Hog
    Champion 2019

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